2PR313 Soutěžní právo EU a soutěžní ekonomie – anglicky


Academic year 2016/2017

Summer semester



Dr. Jiri Kindl, Ph.D. M.Jur. (Oxford)

Mgr. Michael Mikulik, LL.M. (Cambridge)



In the summer semester of 2017 a new 4-week course (3 credits) on „EU COMPETITION LAW & ANTITRUST ECONOMICS” starting in February is offered for foreign and Czech students.

It will cover the fundamental notions of Antitrust Economics and Competition law as a key pillar of the EU Single Market policy.

The course is taught by leading Czech experts with hands-on experience in dealing with EU and domestic competition cases from opposing sides – as a regulator enforcing competition rules and as an advocate defending competitors. The course therefore offers a unique opportunity to simultaneously acquire competition theory and practical skills reflecting current trends and techniques employed by the EU Commission and Czech Competition Authority in their enforcement of competition law and corresponding defences applied by investigated undertakings and their legal representatives.

All details and schedule of lectures are available at INSIS.VSE.CZ, course number 2PR 313.


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