First impressions of our students and teachers

The 2CG Compliance, Risk and Governance minor has been opened in June 2022 and officially launched in September 2022. Our students have therefore had the opportunity to visit Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Reporting courses in the past semester (winter term 2022). Compliance & Business Ethics and Business Continuity & Crises Management courses are to be taught in summer term 2023.

Well, what are our first impressions?

Florentia Vasileiou, student of International and Diplomatic Studies, Faculty of International Relations talks about her recent personal experience.

Alina Sosnytska, student of International Trade at the Faculty of International relations talks about her recent personal experience.

First impressions of our students

First impressions of our teachers

What else have our students said?

  • The course has a very nice structure of lectures and workshops, where the theoretical and practical parts were suitably combined. We were required to be active in each lesson, which kept me „always on my toes“ and also made the lessons more fun.
  • The lectures were very interesting and I generally appreciate that the course is practically oriented. It’s also very nice that it doesn’t end with a test or an exam – instead you need to prepare yourself for each lesson and prepare a final case study (in teams). As a result, the student gets much more out of it than if he/she had just learned the answers to the exam questions, which he/she would soon forget anyway.
  • In the course, I really liked the use of Moodle for so-called “Key Learning Points” and “Hot Topics”, and the perfect approach, helpfulness, readiness and also feedback from the teacher. Overall, I rate the course very positively!
  • I went into 2CG minor thinking that it could be an interesting addition to my IR degree and came out of it with a career waiting for me after I graduate. I never thought I would work in a corporation, but I am happy that I get to combine the notion of ethics (something I am very interested in from a philosophical point of view) and a touch of law (something I would have loved to study if I could study forever!) as well as my IR skills. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kindness, knowledge and expertise in this field. You honestly inspire me, and I will miss being a VŠE student because of professors like you! But who knows, as I said, maybe one day I will be back!
  • Honestly, this was my favourite class from this semester, and I must commend you Dr Andreisova, as I genuinely enjoy the way you organise your lectures. I am a person who can easily slip into daydreaming; but I rarely felt that I did that during your lectures because you incorporate the right amount of active participation during the whole 3 hours, which works very well for me!
2PR512 Enterprise Risk Management
  • A great course that responds to changing market demands. It is being taught by one of the faculty vice-deans, who was at the center of events during the development of new European standards (so you are getting the first-hand information). In this course, students are getting a lot of useful information, which they will definitely use in the future. I also liked the use of Teams and the vice dean’s enthusiasm for the issue.

  • The course was very interactive and there were external speakers from Deloitte, Vodafone etc. Especially this part was very beneficial to us – as we were able to take our practical knowledge and test it in practice.

  • Very interesting course content; a practical course focusing on the future legislative requirements. I really liked the teacher’s approach, the space for teamwork, the materials that we were getting, and also, for example, the use of Teams.

2PR513 Sustainability Reporting
  • I really liked the interactivity and practical focus of the presentations. I also appreciate the way how our lecturer evaluated our final team assignments – he´s done that under conditions corresponding to real corporate practice.

  • The subject was very interesting and I particularly liked the fact that the lecturer adjusted the course content and format based on our ongoing feedback and reactions to the individual topics.

2PR515 Corporate Governance