Professional Diploma in Corporate Compliance

In addition to our standard academic teaching in the field of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (please see the details here), we are now launching a professional (post-graduate) executive course called Professional Diploma in Corporate Compliance. For more details and registrations please feel free to contact Lucie Andreisová.

We are starting in May 2024!

Professional Diploma in Corporate Compliance (PDCC) is a brand new practical and interactive post-graduate executive course that reflects the demand by regulators, shareholders and other key stakeholders for sustainable and ethical/ compliant businesses, and also the growing pressures stemming from national and international business environment. No successful corporation can operate without a robust governance, risk and compliance framework ensuring compliance with key legal and regulatory requirements and ethical principles. It also requires forward looking (effective) risk management strategies. It has become a norm that investors observe sustainability performance prior to joining their capital with a business endeavor.

There are 3 main objectives of this course (underlined by best practices sharing) – i.e. to master the below abilities:

  1. Ability to create and promote a positive compliance and ethical culture in a competitive business environment (and to set tone from the top effectively and lead by example);
  2. Ability to conduct an effective compliance risk assessment and also to realize how to interpret its outputs effectively (and how to transfer some of the risks into opportunities), together with the ability to manage the individual compliance risks and to design, implement, and maintain an effective framework of controls and processes in that respect (the so-called compliance management system);
  3. Ability to manage effective governance models supporting delivery of strategic business goals within applicable legal and regulatory framework.
  • Standard face-to-face interactive sessions (a combination of lectures and workshops) will apply: 4 face-to-face sessions (4 x 180 minutes) in May and June 2024 – please see „course outline“ for more details;
  • Soft drinks and minor refreshment to be provided (coffee, water, snack etc.);
  • Located at the Prague University of Economics and Business;
  • LMS Moodle to be in active use (discussions, additional materials etc.);
  • The PDCC course will be ended by submitting and also successfully presenting/ defending the final team assignment;
  • 100 % face-to-face participation is required to successfully pass the PDCC course; an official completion certificate will be issued afterwards (stamped by the University of Economics and Business);
  • The PDCC stands for 3 ECTS credits (i.e. 78 hours; note: 1 hour stand for 45 minutes):
    • Workshops (4 face-to-face meetings) = 16 hours;
    • Self-study (additional reading and other materials) = 12 hours;
    • Continuous preparation for workshops = 12 hours;
    • Preparation of the final team assignment and its presentation = 38 hours.
  • Language: English.
1 16 May 2024 Course introduction and general instructions.

GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance): Where does corporate compliance sit these days and why is it so important? How to manage compliance risks effectively? What are legal aspects of corporate compliance (duty of care, business judgement rule, criminal liability of legal entities etc.)?

Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.
2 30 May 2024 Corporate compliance in practice: Corporate values and ethics, compliance culture, compliance professionals, anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance, competition law compliance (including dawn raids), whistleblowing etc. Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.
3 13 June 2024 Fraud prevention and market abuse: How to effectively combat fraud in different organizations?

Course recap and conclusion.

Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.
4 20 June 2024 Presentation of team assignments. Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.
  • Board members, general managers and other statutory representatives
  • Senior managers
  • In-house lawyers
  • Attorneys
  • Compliance Managers
  • Enterprise Risk Managers
  • ESG Managers
  • Law graduates
  • Internal auditors
  • Judges
  • Prosecutors etc.
  • Maximum of 25 participants.
  • 14.960,- CZK per the whole course, including refreshment, additional materials etc.

Course owner and lecturer

Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.

Ing. Lucie Andreisová, Ph.D.

Lucie presides the Ethical Committee of the Prague University of Economics and Business. Apart from teaching Business Ethics and Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, and also, for example, International Business Law at this University, she acts as Central European Head of Compliance & Ethics at Tesco Stores (currently on maternity leave). She is also part of Compliance Academy and International Compliance Association (ICA); she actively participates in global GRC conferences and also regularly publishes in this field. In short, Lucie is a passionate compliance and risk practitioner with a strong academic background and active professional life.